If you are expecting fireworks in the Big Brother 2013 house like we saw last week then you have come to the wrong place, as the HouseGuests have seemed to accept the fact that Jeremy will be going home tonight on Big Brother 15. Helen put the plan into action as the Head of Household this week and it seemed to all work out, but it has led to a very boring week on the Big Brother 2013 Live Feeds! Check out some highlights from yesterday in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - JeremyPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

The only real attempt at campaigning came from Jeremy, who is attempting to throw Aaryn under the bus with Helen and Elissa. They already don’t like her, so it wouldn’t take much. He tells them he would be their b—- pretty much if they keep him around until jury. He would throw competitions and do as they say, but the ladies are having none of it.

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Amanda informs Aaryn that Jeremy and Kaitlin have been campaigning against her and throwing her under the bus, so Aaryn tries to do damage control. Helen even attempts to get Aaryn and Elissa to makeup, but Elissa is not interested! Aaryn is only afraid because once Jeremy is gone tonight she knows she has no one to hide behind.

Anyone else find it funny that the showmances of the Mean Girls will be the first three HouseGuests evicted on Big Brother 2013?

In breaking news, Judd is annoyed by GinaMarie and her constant whining about Nick still and she ate all the Have Not food. Amanda and McCrae are still fooling around and Jeremy and Kaitlin got one more rendezvous in the Big Brother 2013 house before the live eviction show tonight.

Judd wants a girl gone next. Kaitlin thinks she can win Head of Household this week and Andy Agrees. Whoever wins better bring some excitement back into the house, right???

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