As each day passes us by in the Big Brother 2013 house, I am tested with my ability to like Amanda and wanting her to stay in the game and if she keeps up her latest antics, I think I may switch sides on her! I think she is a strong player and a smart player, but I think her personality is getting in the way of her game play on Big Brother 15. She could do well in this game, but I think she is hurting her chances and you can see why in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below with some highlights from the Live Feeds for yesterday!

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The big news of the day was the Power of Veto Ceremony for Week 4 on Big Brother 2013. Elissa won veto and took herself off the block, so this week’s MVP got to pick a renom. Since America was MVP for Week 4, they went down the list and the person with the next highest vote total would be the renom. That person was GinaMarie, which upsets me because I wanted Amanda on the block to make this week interesting!

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With that being said, the conversations of the house all focused and flip-flopped between voting Aaryn out or voting Kaitlin out. Elissa and Helen started the day wanting Aaryn out, but it seems they have changed to targeting Kaitlin and using Aaryn as the game goes on.

Now on to Amanda and her ability to control the HoH room, even though she is not HoH. She is always in the bed and her and McCrae took a bubble bath in the HoH bathroom. She talked about voting out Howard most of the night and cannot get off of him. McCrae even told her to back off on the Howard talk, but she snapped at him and he went back into his hole! Turn down the bossy pants for a week or two or that target is continue to grow because not a whole lot of people want her in the house right now!

Elissa is told the MVP vote could have been by America, which sets her off into a dramatic tailspin. She now thinks America hates her and they are going to do bad things to her son. What?!?!

Spencer and Howard seem to have a Final 2 alliance, but can either of them make it that far? They do have the new all-guy alliance of them with Andy and Judd, but then Andy went and told McCrae and Amanda about. I think Howard is the silent threat that no one seems to be concerned about, besides Amanda. I can get on board with her, but she needs to let the HGs get out the Mean Girls first like they want and they start campaigning.

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