A few things can sum up the day yesterday in the Big Brother 2013 house: Elissa is going crazy, alcohol makes them all go crazy and everyone is in at least five separate alliances with each other on Big Brother 15. If you can keep track of all the alliances on Big Brother 2013 than do me a favor and write them all down for me and send them my way. You never know who is in an alliance with who and what ones are serious, but some major events happened in the house last night and you can get some highlights for Tuesday in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow.

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Early in the day, Elissa is out back having a conversation with McCrae, Andy and Amanda and it involves religion and she thinks Howard is using his religious beliefs to better his game. She is rambling on and on and being loud and Andy tries to quiet her down, seeming Howard is right behind them. She misses the attempt and McCrae giggles about it. This sets off Elissa because she thinks they are laughing about her religious beliefs and blah blah. Elissa didn’t win Big Brother MVP this week and she went loopy!

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Aaryn seems to be working the house and no one is threatened by her, so she may last a lot longer than any of are hoping. Amanda seems to be getting more and more chummier with her and a possible alliance there?

The whole house seems content with Kaitlin going home this week, even though it is supposed to be a blindside, but Elissa almost ruined that and her alliance is not happy with her on Big Brother 2013. They feel Howard is the MVP this week and has a lot of power and because of that he could be a target next week, but this Elissa and her craziness and telling Kaitlin about the plan to blindside her is putting Elissa more and more on the top spot to be evicted next week.

There was a lockdown in the HoH room and Elissa breaks down in the bathroom while talking with Amanda. She still thinks McCrae and Andy were making fun of her. After the lockdown, the fighting begins between Aaryn and Elissa and Aaryn had a point here. Andy and Helen think she is a loose cannon and Elissa needs to be cut soon!

Alcohol was delivered at night and this led to Amanda going nuts. If Candice wins HoH this week and she said she is putting up Amanda and McCrae. Jessie heard and she tells Amanda and all hell breaks loose. She goes downstairs and yells at Candice. She takes a break and comes down again and starts talking bad about Kaitlin and GinaMarie, even though neither of them are there.

To sum up the day, Amanda needs to avoid alcohol and Elissa needs to avoid religious talks.

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