While we are preparing for another live eviction show tonight on Big Brother 2013, the HouseGuests seem to be doing nothing in the Big Brother 15 house to get us excited about another vote! Everyone should be excited that one of the Mean Girls will be leaving tonight, but it is another week of everything is in place and all seems calm in the Big Brother 2013, except for Judd, who happens to think the twist this week is still going to affect him in some way as Head of Household. Check out some highlights from yesterday and last night in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - JuddPhoto Credit: BigBrotherGossip.com

While we all know that America is Big Brother MVP for Week 4, the HGs do not and it is still freaking them out. On a side note, this is what would happen EVERY week if the MVP would keep their mouth shut about having it! However, Judd thinks their is going to be a twist and he is going to be taken over as HoH and go on the block himself. He thinks Howard is the secret MVP and goes searching through his stuff to find a clue. Paranoia is kicking in big time with some of these HGs!

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Speaking of paranoia, let’s talk Elissa. Early in the day she confirms with Helen that she is voting out Kaitlin along with everyone else. Night time comes around and before she goes to bed she talks with Howard about them voting for Aaryn because she wants her gone. Without that MVP title this week, I think Elissa has gone a little loopy.

Despite everything, it seems that everyone but Kaitlin and GinaMarie seem to know that the vote is going to Kaitlin tonight on Big Brother 2013. Andy is lying to Kaitlin and telling her she is safe, even though early in the day she gave up hope and knew she was going home.

We also got a sneak peek at tonight’s Head of Household competition, as production was setting it up and a couple lockdowns took place for the HGs. They were able to practice and it looks like they will be rolling some balls and a moving wheel and probably some planning and luck involved. Check that out here:

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 5 HoH CompetitionVia BigBrotherGossip.com

While it seems like the house is set on Kaitlin going home tonight, the focus has shifted to next week and whoever wins HoH tonight is going to be huge. Candice or Howard win and they could be going after Amanda next week, but Elissa is putting a huge target on her back with her crazy antics this week and some people are gunning for her. Meanwhile, Aaryn slips by for another week, but Helen said she will be out by jury!

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