We have not even had the Power of Veto Ceremony yet for Week 5 on Big Brother 2013 and these HouseGuests are scrambling around with their tails cut off and it is funny because in the end none of it matters: the house will vote Howard and he will be the fifth player evicted on Big Brother 15. The alcohol came out Sunday night and the game play talk was working overtime, but it all seemed pointless to me and no one was making sense. Check out some highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below.

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Elissa and HelenPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

The funny thing for Week 5: Amanda is on the block and she is also a Have-Not, so she is not eating or drinking and the paranoia is getting to her! She is even having trust issues and getting upset with her boy toy McCrae. No one even mentions voting her out this week, would should be a possibility on everyone’s mind, but they think Howard is more of a threat, but don’t any of them see that Amanda is controlling the house?

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Howard makes valid points in conversations about voting out an ally to keep an enemy. Why vote out people you think are threat to keep people that will beat you in the end? These people need to focus on people like Amanda or Helen. Aaryn could make a huge move with this renom and putting Candice on the block is not a huge move, but throw up Helen and let’s make Big Brother 2013 fun this week!

Speaking of Candice, but she has been a hot mess for the past day ever since Spencer won the PoV. She knows she is going up on the block and her and Howard have been in their little tiffs. She thinks she has been the target all along, but it is actually your man they have been targeting.

A nail party for the girls was held in the HoH room, minus Candice plus Andy, and everyone got drunk and Helen went off being drunk Helen. Her and drunk Elissa don’t think they can trust Jessie any more and she might be the next target. Sober Amanda then doesn’t think she can trust Judd, so the Goof Troop alliance might be in jeopardy with a new final four alliance needed by Amanda.

All-in-all, it was just people rambling on about not trusting each other, but that is what happens when each person in the Big Brother 2013 house seems to be in five different alliances! We have the Power of Veto Ceremony sometime today and then we have a few days of campaigning by the final three nominees. Let’s hope they change this “Howard must go” tactic and blindside Amanda?

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