If you don’t subscribe to the Live Feeds on Big Brother 2013, than yesterday was one day you might be regretting that decision and you should order your subscription now! The HouseGuests were going insane yesterday on Big Brother 15 and the paranoia has kicked into overdrive and no one is safe in this house from some lies being spewed about them. It was one fight after another fight after another fight and I give you the highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Amanda and SpencerPhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

The day started out with GinaMarie waking up for a brief moment and grabbing a drink from a 2-liter bottle in the fridge. The issue: she is a Have-Not and no pop for her! Was it pop or was it seltzer water? I guess no Sprite for her, seeming no penalty was enforced upon her as the day went on. (8:27am BBT if you want to check it out)

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Helen and Andy are both pieces of work and they have paranoia and make up lies in their own heads that they start to believe. They are on a mission to get Judd out for some reason. They think he has this special power and he doesn’t, unless that grizzly bear shirt does something for him in the game. The HGs need to target Andy and Helen and get them out of the game because they are bad news bears.

The first fight of the day started at about 12:30pm BBT and it involved Amanda and Spencer. To sum it up: Amanda is paranoid about being on the block and blaming anyone for being up there. She feels Howard is the Big Brother MVP and that him and Spencer have been targeting Amanda for a few weeks (when she has been targeting them really). Spencer stands his ground and says that he is not a “punk ass bitch” that will do as she says (makes me like Spencer more and more). They continue to argue and she talks over him and he tells her to shut up, which then Amanda twists around and says that he is bullying her. How is telling someone to shut up being a bully? Helen runs in and gets McCrae, who comes out and does nothing.

Second fight of the day on Big Brother 2013: Candice calls a house meeting and decides to ruin her game. She calls out Spencer and tells him not to say her name again and said that he said he wants Amanda to choke and die. Howard than takes center stage and said he doesn’t want to play the game this way and they can evict him if this is how it is going to be. He said four or five people are running the house and he doesn’t want to be part of that. Amanda, not wanting to be 100% safe after this hot mess meltdown, decides to speak up and call out Howard for being a liar and he has said that Candice is a “cancer to his game.”

At 5:10pm BBT, Howard whispers in Amanda’s ear and she replies “thank you” while laughing. Maybe something clicked in her mind at the point, but then she goes on some tirade about Howard saying he wants to “f*ck the s*it out of her” when they both leave the house. Amanda is in Diary Room a couple times, but nothing is ever done about it. She won’t drop it all night, but how many of us truly believe her?

Aaryn and Amanda talk about the racist comments and Aaryn feels she did nothing wrong (still) and Amanda said she is wrong and what she said was bad. Aaryn thinks Candice made her look like a racist.

We may have a breakup of a showmance, even without an eviction on Big Brother 2013. McCrae is getting more and more tired of the way Amanda has been acting and how she is trying to call the shots for everyone and it is her way or no way. Could he possibly go against her? It would be absolutely amazing and I think he could do well in this game, but he needs to drop the dead weight and distance himself from the crazy.

The HGs are on lockdown starting at 5:00am BBT until the live eviction show tomorrow night, as they get ready for the HoH competition!

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