As the time on Big Brother 2013 goes on and on I am really starting to question what is going on in their minds. However, then I start to think what would be going through my mind if I was on Big Brother 15 and trapped in a house with these people and no contact from the outside world. I think I would be just as delusional and crazy as they are! Do they like Judd or do they hate Judd? Jessie is safe? Jessie is not safe? They literally jump around to 100 different possibilities in one days time, but then what else do they have to do, right? Check out some highlights from Sunday Funday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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Today is the Veto Meeting for Week 7 on Big Brother 15 and it appears that Andy will not use the veto and Jessie will be going home. However, he keeps reassuring her that she is safe. She is feeling pretty confident about it, but has done some campaigning. She wants to backdoor Amanda (the only one in the house with some sense), but that just seals her fate in the house…buh bye Jessie!

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Aaryn seems to be focused on getting out Spencer for some reason, but she has decided to follow along with the house, like everyone else. The others are worried about Aaryn winning all the HoH competitions and making it to the finale that way, but Jessie is the bigger threat!

Helen seems to target someone new every other hour. She is looking at Amanda and McCrae on the block, but when? Aaryn doesn’t want that and Helen says that Aaryn needs to go. Then it will be Jessie. Then Spencer. Then GinaMarie. Then we’ll be back to Amanda.

Speaking of Amanda, she wants to put up Spencer and GM next week and backdoor Helen! This is all if she wins HoH, so we know that will never happen and more tears from Amanda. However, we all know she controls the HoH’s nominees, so it could happen.

Unless some miracle happens today, it looks like no veto will be used for the first time this season and Jessie will be headed home. Things are heating up though because Helen and Amanda are both starting to target each other, which will make for some fun times in the Big Brother 2013 house. Like Helen said last night, it is time to find out where Andy’s alliances lay stronger. I think him playing nice to everyone is going to hurt him very, very soon!

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