If you were watching the live feeds last night you wouldn’t even know that tonight is a live eviction show on CBS for Big Brother 2013! The HouseGuests (including Jessie) have all accepted the fate of the vote tonight on Big Brother 15 and are working on plans and alliances for next week and as far ahead as Final 2! These HGs think too far in the future and need to plan for right now, which could be a twist in the game tonight and one of the jury members comes back??? Check out some highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Spencer and JessiePhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

Jessie did do a little campaigning, but it seems like she has given up and will just go out quietly now. Every time she did try and talk to someone alone, the rest of the house would gather and just rip on her. I am still confused on why they think she is such a threat? She mentions making a smart move and going after Amanda and she is gone. We don’t need no smart people in this house, folks!

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With Jessie most likely leaving us tonight, it makes tonight’s HoH competition (which the HGs have been on indoor lockdown since yesterday afternoon so they can build it in the backyard) that more exciting on Big Brother 2013. The fake alliance of Helen, McCrae and Andy have decided to put up GinaMarie and Spencer and then backdoor Aaryn. Helen doesn’t want to be the one to backdoor Aaryn, so she will throw any of the competitions to let McCrae do it (sounds smart).

The real plan is to put up GM and Spencer, but Amanda, Andy and McCrae want to backdoor Helen. Amanda did mention just putting up Elissa and Helen right away, but it might be too risky. This will make Andy happy seeming he finalized his Final 2 deal with Aaryn yesterday. He knows he can’t beat McCrae or Amanda, but thinks he can take down the racist Aaryn!

The HGs are all making these plans and I think it would be awesome if one of two things happened:

  1. They throw in a twist and they do bring back a HG and it could mess with their plans going forward. That HG would have to have some kind of power though because they wouldn’t just come back and mess things up. The focus would just go back on getting that person out for a second time and then worry about backdooring people the following week.
  2. Spencer wins HoH. No one knows what he will do and he is the only wild card left in the game. GM is a possibility, but I think she would be talked into doing what the dark side (Amanda) wants very easily. I’m not rooting for Spencer to win Big Brother 2013 by any means, but he is a sure thing on the block every week, so it would be nice to have an open spot for one of the big dogs having to fill!

The HGshave moved on past the vote tonight, so we should see another unanimous vote. Can we just move past it and get to the new HoH competition???

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