The buildup is happening in the Big Brother 2013 house and I could not be more excited for what I think is going to be happening this week on Big Brother 15. Saturday is all about the Power of Veto competition and game play, but more about people looking to the future of the game and Final 3 or 4 or 2 alliances. It will get interesting as the power couple (McCrae and Amanda) get closer to the end and who will backstab who to win the money! Check out some highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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Most of the day was spent being paranoid about how the outcome of the Veto competition would go. The players were picked early in the day and the actual competition was not held until really late. The buildup was killing everyone, including all the fans out there! It was finally held and the feeds came back and Elissa won veto

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What does this mean? Well, in a very funny scenario, it meant that Helen and Elissa jumped for joy afterwards and they were excited that now they were “both safe.” In actuality, Elissa just sealed the fate of Helen with that win. She will remove herself from the block and Spencer will go up as the renom and Helen will remain the target.

Helen has no clue and Amanda is working Elissa big time. Amanda knows Helen is going and wants to keep Elissa as an allt for next week. She even went as far as telling Elissa that Helen is going home and to not even campaign because it is a given! Will Elissa share this info with Helen (you know she will) and when???

Besides that, we saw Helen talking with GinaMarie and trying to get her to vote Spencer out this week on Big Brother 2013. She wants a unanimous vote against Spencer, since she knows she has Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn right now. GM is good with keep info to herself, but she tells Aaryn later on.

Aaryn, GM and Andy are looking at a Final 3 alliance, since they don’t think they can beat Amanda and McCrae in the end. McCranda is considering Spencer over Aaryn in their Final 4 alliance because Aaryn can win the comps (and we all know that Amanda can’t).

For next week on Big Brother 2013, Amanda wants to target Spencer, but McCrae is thinking Elissa because she can win the competitions and they get into a little fight. She also gets mad at McCrae because she did not spend enough time with him on Saturday…really???

All-in-all, this is buildup for what is going to happen on the live eviction show on Thursday night. Helen should be the one going, unless she finds out she is the target and somehow works it to get three votes to stay (doubtful). The twist comes into play and Helen will compete to come back in the house. Do you know how angry she will be from getting evicted? If she comes right back, you know all hell will break loose and that will be some good viewing on the live feeds!!!

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