We have one more full day for Helen to make an attempt to mix things up in the Big Brother 2013, but is seems that she has accepted her fate and is working on Elissa and her game so she can go on and win Big Brother 15. The HouseGuests are doing a lot of planning for the future and the final alliances, but little do they know that a jury member is coming back this week and that could throw a wrench into all their plans! Check out the new alliance talk in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

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Helen has been doing a little campaigning and had a moment with Amanda, who did confront Helen about calling her a bully and she felt bullied by Helen when she said those things and blah blah. If you go against what Amanda thinks or question her on anything then you are being a bully. They cried and I laughed.

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Amanda is working on Elissa big time this week and wants to keep her close for next week. If Elissa wins HoH, Amanda does not want her to put up her and McCrae. Aaryn is pissed about that conversation and they discuss things. Aaryn feels Amanda threw her under the bus with Elissa in order to keep her and McCrae safe (she is right). We all know that Elissa will go after Aaryn, even though Helen is trying to get her to work with Aaryn next week (that will never happen).

The thing I don’t get: Aaryn knows she is doing the dirty work for Amanda and she knows Amanda is pretty much throwing her under the bus, yet she is HoH and does nothing about it? Votes or not, put some scare in Amanda’s pants!!!

The HGs talked about how they would be portrayed by America and if they would read things online about them. They talk about the live feeds and McCrae thinks they won’t be liked, but Amanda thinks they will (delusional). Helen thinks that America was MVP and maybe trying to tell them something by putting Amanda on the block (ya think)!

These HGs sure like to plan ahead and who the next target will be. It has all seemed to work fine and dandy so far on Big Brother 2013, but this returning juror could throw things off. They will definitely be the new target, unless it is Judd because McCrae is iffy about going against him again. If the juror comes back with no power, than they will be the target for the next week. If not, then we might see Aaryn and Amanda battle it out because they are both over each other! GinaMarie is mentioned as a target and Elissa also.

Let’s get through today and then make it to that live eviction show tomorrow night and see what CBS has planned for us on Big Brother 2013!!!

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