What a day we had in the Big Brother 2013 house yesterday, as the fights erupted in the afternoon and games may have been ruined and someone felt threatened. These HouseGuests sure know how to bring on the dramatics! Whether you like Helen or not, you have to give her props for not sleeping the week away like Candice and Jessie (after her early blowup and outing of Helen’s game). Helen only needs three votes tonight on Big Brother 15 (two really since Elissa will vote Spencer) and she is still working on those votes. Check out some highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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To sum it up: Andy is a snake and his lies and floating is being called out and he knows it, so he is going to play the “I was threatened” card. Who threatened him? Elissa! Helen and Elissa call him out in the HoH room for voting out Helen and they tell him he will go on the block if he votes out Helen. He feels threatened by “his allies” and Helen is backstepping on the attacks. Elissa, not so much! She keeps it going and doesn’t even care (which she shouldn’t). Amanda makes her way up and it all blows up even more and Andy is still whining about being threatened. Elissa: it’s not a threat, it’s a Big Brother game move. How he can argue that is beyond me! Helen and Andy cry (fake tears) together later!

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Helen wants Elissa to work with Aaryn and right before the big blowout, they do talk and it does not go well. Elissa basically told her that she is the worst game player ever and her HoH’s have not been for her (someone speaking the truth in the Big Brother 2013 house).

As fun as it was to watch, all this is going to do is hurt Elissa’s game. Unless she wins HoH tonight (or Helen comes back and wins it), then she will be the target for the week or whenever possible. However, that could change when the jury member comes back into the house. They could be target #1 and distract people from Elissa, or Elissa’s actions could distract people from the jury member returning! Either way, tonight is going to be awesome!

Besides that, Aaryn drank some nail polish remover thinking it was her water. Gagging ensued, but that is as far as it went. It is now GinaMarie’s birthday, so after her pity party in the cockpit, the HGs (minus Elissa) throw her a party. She seems in good spirits.

Aaryn seems to be the new target for Amanda, even though 3AM is supposed to be in place. It has been moved to 2AM and an S. Spencer seems to be replacing Aaryn in that Final 4 and he may even have a leg up over Amanda, in McCrae’s eyes. He wants her to Final 4, but they all know they can’t beat her in the end. You all know this, yet she remains on Big Brother 2013?

I sit here baffled, I am getting ready for a fun night on Big Brother 15 tonight: live eviction, jury member competition and a new HoH. Whether you find the season boring or not, this should bring some life back into the house tonight and we will see the HGs scurrying to figure out a plan of attack with one of them back in the game! The Live Feeds should be great viewing, so if you don’t have them yet get a free two-day trial here!!!

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