In a week that has brought us some excitement in the Big Brother 2013 house, it sure has died down the night before a live eviction show on CBS! The HouseGuests on Big Brother 15 have pretty accepted the fate of the night and now we all sit and wait for the next Head of Household competition and see what fun is ahead of us this week. It is tough to pull highlights from a day of no real game play, but check some out (some may make you gag) in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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So, Aaryn was packing and picking out what to wear for tonight. Yup, that happened! She knows she is going home tonight, so she is going to wear the dress she was going to wear to the finale. She does try to spill the beans on everyone and everything before she goes, like telling Elissa about the 3AM alliance and telling Amanda and McCrae that Spencer is shady and so on. Everyone gets outed, but the only ones that seem interested in her stories are McCranda, which is no shocker there.

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As much as Aaryn has calmed herself down and made people forget about the comments she made earlier in the season, she reminds us the night before she goes. What would her Dad say about her eviction? She says he will think she got voted out because no one wanted to vote out the queer. You wonder where she gets it from, huh?

To spice things up in the Big Brother 2013 house, they got Jenga and a slinky and some cards….watch out folks! The HGs played games, Amanda and Aaryn did some anal bleaching (yeah, I said that) and Amanda clipped McCrae’s toe nails! Again, I told you I might make you gag with these highlights.

GinaMarie tells Elissa she is sticking with her and McCranda seems to be everyone’a target next week. Judd is after them and Spencer and Andy kind of are, but they seem hesitant about not going after Elissa. They may avoid HoH this week, if possible, so they can avoid the bloody hands. McCrae is worried about this upcoming week though.

The night ends with some nighttime shenanigans (you’re welcome Kesha) between Judd and Aaryn! I guess he was getting some before she walked out those doors tonight on Big Brother 2013?

All-in-all, it was a slow day. Tonight should bring some excitement though and that HoH competition is huge! There have also been rumors of Amanda leaving at the live show tonight because of her actions this week, but I doubt it. They would have kicked her out by now and not waited to do it on air. These people have a lot to deal with once they are out of the Big Brother 2013 house, so let them deal with it then and leave their families alone too people!

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