What a night in the Big Brother 2013 house and today is going to get even better! The live eviction show took place on CBS last night and it was very good, as Big Brother host Julie Chen got to interview evicted HG Aaryn Gries and it went beyond my expectations. Our site was slow because of heavy traffic again last night, so I apologize, but you all love what I am writing and can’t get enough….yeah, that’s what it is! So, the live feeds were blowing up after the show ended and get the highlights right here in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Judd and SpencerPhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

First of all, good things happened at the HoH competition and GinaMarie won HoHWe also find out that Judd and Spencer had the fewest eggs during the competition, so chicken costumes for them for the next 48 hours! How do they look in them???

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So, GM wins HoH and guess who is in her ear right away? Yup, that would be Amanda. She tells her that Elissa has to go home this week and Judd should be on the block next to her. This never stops all night, but it does switch to Spencer at one point instead of Judd, but as long as it is Elissa as the main target. Mind you, Elissa was right there with GM all night too and they had a weird standoff in the HoH room, which ended with GM walking out on both of them!

Amanda continued her jabs at Elissa, but she was giving them back to her. Amanda was annoyed by Julie’s question last night and now she thinks America thinks she is the villain and how Elissa is being painted as the angel. It’s all nonsense, but McCrae does get in Amanda’s face and telling her to not act this way, but it is useless to try and tell her anything.

The Exterminators are talking and they seem to be going strong, but watch out for Andy. He is free now on Big Brother 2013 and I think he may wander a little. He is worried about Elissa and wondering if they should target McCranda this week. He does tell them, at some point, that one of them might be going up next to Elissa. Will he crack this weekend and tell them everything?

There was a ton of stuff that happened last night, but most of it was Amanda being crazy. She thinks it will be Elissa and Judd or Spencer on the block tonight, so she is in for a crazy weekend. GM is working her over and even agreed to a Final 4 deal with them and Andy, but all an act. GM did a lot of eye rolls for the camera and even tells the camera Amanda is going up after she walked out of the HoH room! She did get her HoH room and more pictures of Nick and a letter from her Mom and stepdad.

Two things to look forward to:

  1. We get another HoH Blog from GinaMarie, so wait for that one!
  2. Her speech at the Nomination Ceremony. What will she say to McCranda???

Today will be interesting to see how the HGs work this all out, but it looks like GM won’t be cracking and McCranda will be going up on the block. I think they want McCrae gone first, as he is the bigger threat because Amanda will breakdown and be another GM when Nick left. I think it could happen, but with a double eviction on the horizon it will be intense. The Exterminators figure if Amanda or Elissa happen to win HoH, they will target each other and put one of them up next to them and they can vote Amanda or Elissa out. If they stick to this, The Exterminators may be in a very good place right now on Big Brother 15!

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