One of the least likely players to do it on Big Brother 2013 just did it! Who would have thought that crazy GinaMarie, who seemed like such a big mess after Nick left the game and might not even make it another week without him there, now is the Head of Household for the second time and she put up the big dogs for Week 10 Nomination Ceremony? We have McCranda on the block and we could hear the screams and applause around the country! The aftermath from the Nomination Ceremony on Big Brother 15 was great and get some highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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Before the Nomination Ceremony, the HGs had the surprise competition and it was a luxury competition. They had thousands of balloons in the house and had to find the prize. Spencer found it pretty quick and won $10,000! This, of course, made Amanda upset that he won and she has nothing now. GM held her HoH meetings one-on-one, which Andy didn’t understand. He tried to come in on the talk with Elissa, so she kicked out Andy and he made a dramatic scene downstairs. The rest of the HGs have their time and Amanda keeps interrupting Judd’s time because he just can’t be alone in that room with her!

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Despite Amanda’s insistence of putting up Judd and Elissa, GM did not back down at all and put up McCrae and Amanda. Then it all went down. Amanda cried and cried some more and then fought and fought some more. She wanted to give up and told Andy and McCrae that she ruined their game. She just wants to leave and can’t see McCrae get evicted, so she must go home. It is a pity party of one and could it be her plan? I’ll act like a hot mess and maybe they will keep me over McCrae???

However, things did get ugly between GM and Amanda, but GM held her cool…shockingly. Amanda bashed her and said she will be the one to go next week because of this. The guys will all use the Power of Veto on one of them and then the renom will go home. Amanda is clueless that everyone wants them gone. She said it was a stupid move, but GM said they are a couple and two votes and it makes perfect sense on Big Brother 2013.

It is fun to see and should continue all day today and depending on who wins Veto tonight, it could continue through the week! The Veto winner is not a huge thing this week, but it is important to how things play out. Andy and Spencer want to throw it because no bloods on their hands. If McCranda win, not sure who will go on the block. Maybe Elissa, but that could put a twist in things.

We shall see as the Veto comp plays out today on Big Brother 2013, but we have McCranda on the block….yay!

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