Things are being setup for a crazy week in the Big Brother 2013 house, but these HouseGuests don’t seem to catch on to that and are messing with all the fun we are supposed to be having. McCrae and Amanda on the block and Veto competitions to be held and then the drama that usually comes with that, right? Not on Big Brother 15 yesterday! Check out some of the highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

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The HGs slept in pretty late and woke up to picking Veto players and then the eventual Veto competition. The Exterminators had settled on targeting McCrae this week. He is the bigger threat and can win competitions and Amanda would be a hot mess after seeing him walk out the doors. Then the Veto Competition happens and McCrae wins Veto (it is has it always happens in this game). So, the shift goes to Amanda and America is happy with that choice!

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After the Veto comp, it was a pretty dull night. It is shocking, but Amanda did not cause scenes or start fighting yet. I think she still has it in her, so we may see some fireworks today before the Veto Meeting on Monday. McCranda are campaigning somewhat, but as a team and that just shows why they need to be gone. They just don’t get it. Elissa is bad. Judd is bad. That is all they got, so they need to step that up too on Big Brother 2013.

The Exterminators agree that Spencer will go on the block as a renom when McCrae takes himself down. It will be his seventh time on the block and will most likely come right down again. Do you think that could help his resume if he makes it to the Final 2? GinaMarie doesn’t want to put up Elissa because she didn’t put up GM the week before and they all think it would throw off red flags that the four of them are working together.

The are also thinking of a possible Double Eviction on Thursday, which it is. If one of The Exterminators get it then they will put one of themselves up to not throw people off again. Either McCrae/Elissa and one of them on the block and if Veto is used then insert McCrae/Elissa.

I am surprised that The Exterminators are still intact, but it is also no big shocker since they got HoH and Andy isn’t going to run away from the power. He is still talking with McCranda and needs to be thrown out before Elissa, but that will never happen.

It was a pretty slow day, considering the facts. I am hoping for an Amanda blowup today and a fight to stay in. She could go after Elissa easily, but I think she knows GM isn’t going to back down from anything Amanda throws at her. We shall see…

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