Sundays in the Big Brother 2013 house are usually a day of relaxation and game talk, as we try to figure out who the final three nominees for the week will be and who the target will or will not be for that week on Big Brother 15. Sunday did not disappoint us yesterday, even though the HouseGuests may have let me down some by the end of the night. Check out some of the highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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If anyone could get Amanda out of that house this week, it would be Helen and that would be the one time I would support the activities of Helen because she has been working my last nerve these past couple weeks! Helen talks with Andy and Judd early in the day about voting out Amanda, but it wouldn’t be this week. America won’t be Big Brother MVP forever, so take your chances while you have them!

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Jessie and Elissa are talking and they want Amanda to go this week! With them and Helen, they would just need to convince Andy, but they know he is on the fence of both sides and would never do it. They consider going after Spencer, since he is most likely going to be the renom today and they know Candice would be loyal to them. They regret sending Kaitlin home over Aaryn (we all do)!!!

Helen has her BBQ party on Big Brother 2013, but no game talk allowed during it. Judd and Aaryn are cuddling on the HoH couch and I puke a little in my mouth.

The evening was fun and I almost thought these people had some balls, but then they shrunk up and disappeared eventually. The talk: evict Amanda this week! Andy was approached with the idea, but he didn’t think this week. He amazingly runs to Amanda after the talk, but does NOT tell her about the plan to evict her and just tells her to play nice with Helen. Aaryn figures out the plan and eventually Andy does break the news to Amanda.

This means all hell breaks loose in the house and Amanda is in tears! The sad truth: the drama worked and they back down from the idea of voting out Amanda this week, but we have four days until the live eviction show, so we know this will just get more and more interesting!

GinaMarie was angry all of this was going on and no one told her, since she is HoH for this week. She then goes on a power trip and threatens Judd with being named the renom if he does not vote with them to send Candice home. This sets Aaryn off (since she has a new love affair with Judd) and she talks about sending GM home soon since she went crazy and is always crazy on Big Brother 2013.

Judd and Aaryn talk and she wants Judd to flirt with Jessie to get her vote and Elissa convinces Jessie to flirt with Judd for his vote. They do makeout later, but I don’t think it got either of them anywhere. Amanda is super paranoid about Jessie, so she will most likely be a target next week if Amanda survives this week….let’s hope she doesn’t!

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