We have the Veto Ceremony today and that should finalize the nail in Amanda’s coffin on Big Brother 2013, but she did not go down without somewhat of a fight yesterday on the Live Feeds. It was a day of some fun, some game play and some drunkeness on Big Brother 15, but that is nothing new, right? Check out some of the highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow.

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 10Photo Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

It seems pretty evident that GinaMarie will put up Spencer as the renom no matter what happens today at the Veto Ceremony. Early in the day, McCrae was trying to use a new plan: he will use the veto on Amanda and then they put up Elissa. GM does a very good job of playing around with McCranda during their plea deals. They want Elissa up and she tells them she will let them know by midnight what her plans are.

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Andy and Spencer start talking about who they will kick out of The Exterminators first, when the time comes for that on Big Brother 2013. They were leaning more towards getting rid of Judd before GM.

Throughout the rest of the night, we get to see GM tell McCranda that she won’t be putting up Elissa as the renom and then Amanda outing her game play tactics and why she did what she did to everyone. She seems to have accepted her fate and is okay with leaving on Thursday night? I don’t see her going out calmly, so expect more fireworks when her meds wear off.

Elissa got drunk and apparently is not the nicest drunk. She was throwing jabs at Amanda to get her riled, but shockingly Amanda was not buying into it and remained calm. Amanda was just all about talking about the game and where they had sex in the house and she wants to go to jury to avoid real life issues (like the boyfriend she had at home).

Like I said, the Veto Meeting takes place this afternoon and we will know the final nominees for Week 10, but it looks like it will be Spencer and Amanda. Then the fun begins for the Double Eviction show. We could see McCranda leave in one night, but it also depends on who gets HoH and then wins Veto. Fun week ahead of us everyone!

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