With fewer HouseGuests left on Big Brother 2013, things are calming down in the house and we are going to see less and less action over the next week or so until the finale! These HGs have nothing to do and nothing to plan out since they seem to know what they want to do, right down to the Final 2, even though there are the highest possible Final 2 alliances on Big Brother 15! We had Power of Veto competition and the aftermath in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - AndyPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

The HGs were pretty sleepy, I guess, and were woken up to the joy of the Veto competition. Players didn’t have to be picked since they all participate in them now. Of course, The Exterminators wanted to win to get rid of McCrae and naturally McCrae won veto for Week 11. This is how it always works, so no one should be shocked there.

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As far as the rest of the day/night, it was pretty blah. GinaMarie hurt herself yet again during the competition and this time required nine stitches to her knee! Judd had mood swings all day and was ticked about the competition and feels production screwed his chances of winning because of all the exercises he had to do the day before.

Andy and Spencer control who goes home this week, but really it is Andy. They talk with McCrae and try to convince him that Judd is best to go home. Both Spencer and McCrae are leaning towards GM getting evicted this week, but then Andy wants Judd gone and he will win out. Spencer wants the two of them to figure it out so he doesn’t have to break a tie because god forbid anyone gets blood on their hands.

More Elissa bashing yesterday and more bashing of her son. I have no clue why Andy has all this hatred towards her, but it is beyond silly. Are they all that bored that the only fun thing to do is bash Elissa on Big Brother 2013? They did do some arts and crafts with ducks…yup, thrilling stuff here people!

Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 2013 and that should be all the excitement for the next day or two. It looks like Judd will be going up and is the target and will be evicted for the second time this season! The eviction show will be taped on Tuesday and shown on Wednesday and then the fun starts for Thursday’s live eviction show. It is winding down, folks!

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