The HouseGuests spent a day preparing themselves for a special taped eviction today on Big Brother 2013. We found out the final nominees for Week 11 on Big Brother 15 during the Veto Meeting and then the day consisted of paranoia and hearing the same conversation over and over and hey, why not talk about it one more time! The Live Feeds go down sometime today and come back Wednesday night after the eviction episode and we have a Final 4! Check out some highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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The highlight of the day: Power of Veto Ceremony for Week 11 and it went as planned, but is that anything different for these HGs? McCrae removed himself from the block and Judd was put up as the replacement nominee. Judd gave an angry speech to McCrae, apparently, to show he is aligned with Andy and Spencer. Andy thought he was lying and Judd told McCrae he was going to do it beforehand.

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Beyond that event, here is what Monday consisted of for these HGs on Big Brother 2013:

  • Andy and Spencer talking all day about getting rid of Judd or GinaMarie. They have already determined to send home Judd, but keep having the same convo to tick us all off.
  • Judd and GM get their suitcases, so they know it will be an early eviction.
  • McCrae and GM make a Final 2 deal.
  • Because they are bored, the Elissa bashing continues.
  • Spencer tells the Brenchel Army to commit mass suicide.
  • Judd is losing his mind at the thought of going home again.

Besides that, nothing really happened. I am convinced that Andy feels bad about lying about Elissa and getting her evicted. His way of making up for it: consistently bash her and make it seem like he doesn’t want her to win America’s Favorite Player on Big Brother 2013, but he secretly does? I don’t know. I am pulling at strings here trying to figure out why the bashing continues…

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