While many of us loved the nominees by Elissa last night on Big Brother 2013, the players in the Power of Veto competition and the outcome of that are huge this week for Big Brother 15! I think Elissa has a hidden plan and the outcome of today’s PoV competition could be huge, so I expect her to be hauling butt like she did last week in this same competition! Before we get to that later today, they did just pick the players and you can find them out in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Power of Veto Players Week 9

I love the approach that Elissa is taking for this Veto and she is not taking any crap from the 3AM alliance, which is crumbling real fast. Depending on who plays in the veto, we could see them all throwing each other under the bus in order to stay in the game. Aaryn is a hot mess because she knows Elissa wants her gone. Amanda knows she can’t win a competition to save her butt, however she found “a new fire” on the feeds last night….I think they make a cream for that, girl!

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The players have been picked and here they are for the Power of Veto Competition for Week 9 on Big Brother 2013:

  • Elissa – HoH
  • McCrae and Aaryn – Week 9 nominees
  • Judd, GinaMarie and Amanda – randomly selected to play

The Good: This all led to a major fight between Amanda and GM (I’ll have details very soon)! Amanda is the new target and she knows it. Aaryn drew the HouseGuest’s Choice chip and who did she pick? Not Amanda, who has a new fire inside her to win for her man (as she told Aaryn last night). Nope, she chose Judd, the guy who is going after Amanda!

The Bad: None really, since we know Amanda can’t win a competition on Big Brother 2013. This new fire may need some cream, but I don’t think it will bring a Veto win for Amanda. If it does, I think the shift goes to Andy??? Not bad either!

The competition will be happening later on today, so I’ll keep you posted on results!

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