The Big Brother 2013 cast was finally announced yesterday and the big news was the “familiar face” that Julie Chen teased during her Big Brother 15 house tour! Who was the familiar face? It is none other than Elissa Slater, who happens to be the sister of Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly. Are we going to be able to stand another summer with someone in that family?

Big Brother 2013 - Elisa

In an interview with, Rachel talked about the new Big Brother MVP twist and how it will affect her sister:

“I think it will help her the first week, because I think going into the house she’s going to be a target [since] she’s my sister. People are going to know the second she walks through that door. She looks just like me and we have the same laugh, so they’re going to know she’s my sister, they’re going to know we’re related and I think it will put a target on her back, but the MVP could possibly keep her safe that week. Even if she doesn’t win it, I’m hoping that Big Brother’ Canada/US will vote for her. Even if she doesn’t win it’s still enough of a ‘could she be MVP,’ because they’re not going to understand the MVP the first week, so it could still be enough to keep her in the game, just people thinking that ‘she might be, she might not be.’”

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If you love or hate Rachel, plan on hearing a lot more from her this summer, especially with her sister being on Big Brother 15. The special power the MVP gets will be announced during the Big Brother 2013 premiere on Wednesday. What do you think it will be?

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