The crew got the Big Brother 2013 cast up nice and early today and I was thinking we would be having an all-night Power of Veto competition for Week 6 on Big Brother 15. Not the case, as the Live Feeds are back and it looks like the PoV competition is done! So, who won veto on Big Brother 2013 for Week 6? Find out in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 - Amanda

For Week 6’s PoV competition, the following houseguests participated:

  • GinaMarie – HoH
  • Candice, Jessie and Amanda – Nominees for Week 5
  • Judd and Spencer – also selected to play
  • Aaryn – served as host

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For the second week in a row, America put Amanda up as the MVP nominee and she could be digging her own grave now because of the paranoia! Let’s get to the winner first: Jessie won veto, so she will be taking herself off the block and GinaMarie will get to put up a renom. Also at the competition, Candice won a clown suit and will have to wear it all week and Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas!

Apparently during the competition, Amanda blew up on someone (big shocker) and McCrae and Andy are warning her afterwards that she MUST watch her mouth. We all know that will never happen, so could Jessie possibly use this veto to her advantage? Things are about to get interesting until Monday for the Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 2013!

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