Saturdays are always a more active day in the Big Brother 2013 house, but with the Big Brother MVP twist gone and a house full of players too afraid to make a big move, is it going to be routine evictions for the rest of Big Brother 15? Things may be heating up for some changes this week, but they all want to wait and it isn’t the proper time to make a big move. Will the Big Brother 2013 finale be the right time??? The Power of Veto Competition for Week 7 was just held and we have the results below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Amanda and Elissa

For Week 7’s PoV competition, the following houseguests participated:

  • Andy – HoH
  • Spencer and Jessie – Nominees for Week 7
  • Elissa, Amanda and Helen – also selected to play
  • McCrae – served as host

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Before the competition, Helen was talking with Andy about putting up Amanda as a renom, but then that might be something to consider in two or three weeks. Why do they feel that Jessie or Spencer are a bigger threat? Or even GinaMarie, who is still upset about the fight with Candice two days ago! Yeah, she seems like a real threat!

The competition is done and the winner is Andy. Well, isn’t he on a little winning streak, huh? So, will he use the PoV or will he keep his nominees the same and Jessie goes home? Or do they target GM? Or maybe he goes with Helen and we have a backdoor of Amanda this week on Big Brother 2013? This could be interesting, but they’ll probably stick with Jessie because she is SUCH a threat!!!

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