In some Big Brother 2013 spoilers, but not really, we have the winner of the Big Brother MVP vote for Week 1, which was delivered to the 16 new houseguests on Big Brother 15 today. Do you want to know who it is? Check the Big Brother 2013 spoilers below for the details!

Elissa Slater

I’ll keep this one simple and sweet: the winner of the Big Brother MVP for Week 1 is, of course, Elissa Slater. All the pre-show buzz was on her, so of course people were voting for her. Love her or hate her, but her sister Rachel Reilly has a following and they must have come out in full force to keep her sister on the show!

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What does this mean? Elisa is responsible for nominating the third houseguest for eviction this week! It also means we are probably stuck with Elisa for another week in the Big Brother 15 house! Ugh….and a double ugh!

I haven’t been able to judge her completely because she has been kind of quiet, but at the same time she looks so much like Rachel at times and I can’t stand that!

Thoughts on Elissa winning MVP for Week 1?

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