We were left not knowing who won the Head of Household Competition on Big Brother 15 tonight and they told us to wait until Sunday for the results, but we have your Big Brother 2013 spoilers right here and can give you the results below! Prepare yourselves though….it may be the worst possible scenario possible!


For the HoH competition, the HouseGuests were divided into teams of two that were randomly picked. McCrae was not competing since he won last week. The teams were:

  • Candice and GinaMarie
  • Jeremy and Aaryn
  • Judd and Nick
  • Spencer and Helen
  • Andy and Elissa
  • Jessie and Howard
  • Amanda and Kaitlin


Now let’s get to the good stuff. The winners of the HoH competition for Week 2 were…Jeremy and Aaryn!!! Ugh! Could it get any worse for us? Who wants to see either of them for another week, but we are for sure stuck with one of them!!!

After meeting and discussing who would get the Head of Household for Week 2 on Big Brother 2013, the new HoH for Week 2 is Aaryn! At least this helps with her loss of a day job?

Photo Credit: Big Brother Network

Photo Credit: Big Brother Network

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***UPDATE: Word on the street is that Jeremy and Aaryn may have been using their hands during the competition and were switching cups and not pouring the sauce from cup to cup, which was supposed to be the rule. Can this be true? Will CBS find it and change the winners???

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