What a night on Big Brother 2013 tonight and the Live Feeds were blowing up with all the good fun, but we are all wondering who won the Head of Household competition for Week 9! It was some intense stuff and had everyone on the edge of their seat. Get the results in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Helen

It started with two separate competitions between the HGs and the returning jurors, but it was really one competition for them all to compete for the Head of Household. The jurors were competing for a spot in the house and find out the winner of that here!


As far as the HoH competition, the final three players standing were Elissa, Amanda and GinaMarie. This was beyond intense, as these HGs were struggling at staying on that platform and doing some super moves to save themselves when they almost fell. Yoga does wonders and I am signing up for classes tomorrow!

When all was said and done on Big Brother 15, the winner of Head of Household for Week 9 is Elissa!!!!! She finished with 10 balls, Amanda had six and GM had 3. Things just got fun again on Big Brother 2013! Don’t let me down, girl!

We found out on the Live Feeds! Get your two-day free trial here!!!

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