It is Wednesday night (soon to be moved to Thursday nights next week) and that means it is time for the Live Eviction Show on Big Brother 2013 and we get to see which HouseGuest is the first one to go home on Big Brother 15. While many of you want to see certain HGs sent home, only one will be heading home tonight and I am letting you voice your opinion in our Big Brother poll below. Vote for your choice and let’s start some Big Brother 2013 spoilers of our own!

Who would WANT this guy? Seriously.

Not to influence your votes, but I made my predictions earlier and you can see them right here! We all know that Elissa, Jessie and David are on the chopping block, but which one of them will be voted out tonight?

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This vote could go any way, as the talks in the Big Brother 2013 have gone all over the place. We want Elissa gone. David is a threat. Jessie is annoying. Elissa is Rachel Reilly’s sister and should be evicted because of that. David has stupid hair. Jessie thinks she is too pretty for her own good.

Now to the vote! Vote here and let’s see what everyone thinks will happen tonight on Big Brother 15. Then come back later tonight for my Live Recap and we can watch the results together:

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