Today’s Power of Veto competition (which is currently taking place) is probably going to be a long one since the HouseGuests have been on indoor lockdown since the HoH competition finished Thursday night on Big Brother 2013. Besides that, it is crucial to how these next few days play out on Big Brother 15. The winner could put The Exterminators against each other (and I hope so, otherwise it will be a boring few days). Vote in our Big Brother poll below on who you are rooting for to win veto today in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers.

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Power of Veto

For the PoV competition, all the players will participate since only five HGs remain. We saw Spencer win HoH for Week 11 and then go on and nominate McCrae and GinaMarieThe Exterminators want McCrae gone and then they can fight it out in the Final 4 (who actually thought this alliance would even last)? If McCrae wins, than they have to battle it out and it looks like it will be either Judd or GinaMarie going home. Andy is safe in Spencer’s eyes.

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So, who do you want to win Power of Veto today? I am kind of rooting for a McCrae win just to bring some spice into the Big Brother 2013 house. We all know GM won’t go down without a fight and Judd doesn’t want to leave a second time, so I think we would have a lot of scheming until eviction time. McCrae loses and I think he knows his fate, so boring!

Vote here in our poll and tell me who you want to win. I’ll have the results as soon as the live feeds come back:

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