Since I have the joy of running this site and giving all our lovely readers the Big Brother 2014 spoilers, that also means I can post whenever I want! I am beyond ticked off about what has gone down in the past 24 hours and what has gone down, in general, for Big Brother 16. I can rant, so here goes!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Donny

I am sure I will miss some things with this rant, but maybe if I complain about it then I will feel better????

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“MOST TWISTED SEASON EVER” – This is the one that gets me the most riled up! The things that Julie Chen and CBS consider twists have done nothing for the game, but maybe ruin Zach’s game along the way. Team America – sucked. Dual HoH – sucked. Battle of the Block – sucked. Jury Competition – sucked. I know we still have time, but I am really losing hope that they will do a twist that really affects the game.

TEAM AMERICA – I will talk more on this failed twist some more, as all it did was ruin Zach’s game. They tried to bring in something fun, but every vote was stupid and the missions were lame. Zach took the fall for almost every mission and it literally was the nail in his coffin with this neighborhood watch this past week and him getting blamed for stealing the items. Sure, he was already headed out the door, but Frankie made sure to pound that nail harder. And Amber counted as a physical threat in the game?

THE FRANKIE SHOW – I know we need entertainment on the show, but his glitter and sequin vest have driven me up a wall. His ego has grown bigger than the Big Brother 2014 house since he made his “big announcement” and him and CBS are the only ones that think it is a big deal. Go be “famous” on another show, Frankie! He also thinks that Donny has no fans out here, which makes me giggle.

NO ENDURANCE COMPS? – CBS would always give us endurance comps that went well past the live eviction show. We would all watch the live feeds and enjoy the excitement together. Now CBS is not even showing us the HoH comps on the feeds and a lot of the times having fish on the screen while BBAD has shots into the house! How can we get people to buy live feeds if you aren’t showing them anything special??? To add to my Frankie hate, he was saying no endurance comps because the mental comps favor Donny. Well, I think Donny kicked some major butt in that PoV comp during the Double Eviction show, so the “old man” can hang with you youngin’s.

BULLYING – While the Big Brother 15 cast was homophobic and made racist comments, the Big Brother 2014 cast has taken on the bullying tactic. Yes, the all signup to play this game and whatever comes with it, but why kick someone when they are down? Especially when that person is going to the jury house and will vote to give you $500,000! Each week, the power alliance (Derrick) decides who goes home and they all come up with every excuse to hate that person and how terrible they are, which justifies in their mind why it is okay for them to be evicted. This past week we saw Victoria rip up the pink hat Zach has been wearing all season and Frankie went off on Zach about stealing the things, even though he knew Team America did it. And he called Zach stupid for trying to campaign!

EVERYTHING IS RIGGED – I am venting on this because I am over hearing this statement. Sure, production gives hints and has comps that favor certain people, but the HGs have to go along with it. Everyone said Big Brother 15 was rigged for Amanda to win and that didn’t happen. Now it is rigged for Frankie to win. That won’t happen, as Derrick’s name has been on the check for a long time now!

UNANIMOUS VOTES – I am going to cut myself off after this one, but I am over the unanimous votes this season! Why does the house have to vote together every week? One person is going to win $500,000, so moves have to eventually be made. I guess with this group of HGs, the moves will wait until five of them are left. And don’t try and tell me that getting out Zach or Devin was a big move because I just don’t want to hear nonsense!

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