We were left wondering what would happen and how Week 4 on Big Brother 2014 would go thanks to Big Brother host Julie Chen ending the live eviction show on Thursday night with the HoH competition still going on. Well, the wait is over and we can find out the two HoHs for Week 4 tonight (and the Week 4 nominees and Battle of the Block)! Yeah, we have a jam-packed hour tonight on CBS, so get ready for it! Watch with us during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won HoH on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 12 Preview

If you are one of those people that refuse to read any of our Big Brother 2014 spoilers and you only watch the shows on CBS then you have no idea what has happened since the show ended on Thursday night! If you do keep up, then you know all the excitement that has happened since then and the drama and tears that are hopefully shown tonight!

The fun continues on Big Brother 16, so follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the problem with the new intro video: we still have to see the faces of the evicted HGs, unlike the previous intros and they were blacked out!

HOH COMPETITION: Back to the competition and seeing which pairing will get their 12 eggs first. Brittany and Jocasta are moving fast because they want to see their babies. This competition is Victoria’s version of hell. Caleb has man hands and this is hard. Cody and Frankie decide to start working two eggs at one time to speed up the process. Derrick seems to be coaching Frankie and Cody on, which upsets Donny because he is Team America too and needs some love! Victoria is dropping eggs like a champ! Zach & Amber are out to a lead with nine eggs and Frankie & Cody are right behind them. It comes down to the final egg and they are neck and neck with this one. Frankie & Cody finish strong and they win HoH for Week 4 and Derrick seems extra excited for this one!

While they celebrate, Cody is not sure where the target is now. Derrick said the Bomb Squad is pretty much done, but they still have the numbers and he wants to keep it that way. Zach celebrates with Frankie and wants to talk about nominees, but Frankie wants to celebrate for now. Zach looks worried. Brittany thinks she has a great chance of going up and brings on the tears while talking with Donny and he tells her to put her happy face on!

Time for the HoH rooms on Big Brother 2014 and Frankie gets a baby picture of his sister Ariana Grande and they are in skeleton makeup, so there goes blowing it for us! Caleb gets a letter from his Dad and it is so cute! Frankie cries over his letter from “Ari.”

Devin is out the door and Caleb and Amber are blah, so Frankie, Derrick, Zach, Cody and Christine solidify their five-person alliance and Derrick starts with “Let’s Not F*** This Up” alliance, which I love. They call it “The Detonators” and Christine said this is her second alliance she is a part of because she was in the right room at the right time!

Apparently Cody has a man crush on Zac Efron. Why do we need to see this? They start out talking about hooking up in the house, but it turns to this talk. Hayden has a man crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. And Donny thinks Zac Efron has bushy eyebrows.

TEAM AMERICA MISSION: Frankie gets the message that they are to get a HG they consider as a physical threat to be nominated this week. Frankie said this is going to be difficult since he is aligned with most physical threats in the house. They say Amber is the strongest female in the house and they run it by Donny.

Brittany thinks Cody will nominate her because she does not throw herself at him, which Frankie runs and tells Cody and he is not happy about it. She proceeds to not sleep all night and then talks to Cody and she said she is over it and done with it all and feels she might be too old for this game!

The way I see Amber is messing with the guys. She claims that she does not like Caleb, but then she claims that Cody is her favorite guy friend in the house. They shut the door in front of Caleb and he gets angry. Frankie talks with Caleb about nominating Amber and he is fine with it and “over her” he claims.

Bedgate: No one wants to sleep with Victoria because she is a lot of work to sleep with? It starts drama and no one is happy. It is all silly and I can’t write about it!

Frankie talks with Amber and said she is going on the block, but no way she is going home. Amber is sick of being the pawn and she is not liking the idea. She is right, but why does it have to be a girl as a pawn. Can’t you run with that idea, Amber???

NOMINATION CEREMONY: Cody goes first and he nominates Victoria and Brittany. Frankie is up next and he nominates Jocasta and Amber (no big shockers there).

Bring on the tears afterwards, as Victoria did not think she would be on the block again this early. I guess you can do nothing and make it to the end? Derrick and Frankie celebrate Amber being on the block and mission accomplished, which CBS approves of and they get another $5,000!

Amber and Christine talk and Amber is pissed no guys can go up as pawns. Brittany and Jocasta join in and she is pissed that she is being compared to Victoria, who comes in and Brittany is not happy with her at all!

BATTLE OF THE BLOCK: They will be playing “Knight Moves” and acting as knight pieces on a chess board. They will flip over the pieces and last knight standing wins. Amber and Jocasta have no clue what to do, so Jocasta is depending on prayer. Jocasta then traps herself and she is out. Victoria is an idiot. Caleb thinks that Amber wishes he was up there to protect her! Brittany is now out. Jocasta is crying and speaking in tongues! Amber wins (without her knight in shining armor saving her), so Amber and Jocasta are off the block and Frankie is dethroned as HoH. Cody is the lone HoH now and Victoria and Brittany remain on the block!

What do you think of the results on Big Brother 2014 tonight?

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