We won’t see the full drama unfold tonight on Big Brother 2014, but it will be nice to see the buildup to it and the actual Battle of the Block, in which Caleb was supposed to throw it to keep Frankie on the block. Frankie is going to be in freakout mode tonight on Big Brother 16, but how will CBS make their “golden child” look? Check it out with us during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 21 Preview 6

If you are one of those people that refuse to read any of our Big Brother 2014 spoilers and you only watch the shows on CBS then you have no idea what has happened since the show ended on Thursday night and Jocast and Hayden were the first HGs to join the jury house! If you do keep up, then you know all the excitement that has happened since then and the drama and tears that are hopefully shown tonight, which will include drama leading up to the “not as big as CBS and Frankie are making it” announcement.

The fun continues on Big Brother 16, so follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Golf is currently on CBS and they have some time to go and then will CBS show 60 Minutes??? This could be a big delay tonight, folks! I will keep you posted when I know!

Yup, it will be 60 Minutes and then Big Brother 2014 tonight, so we should have a start time of about 10pm EST!

Here we go (finally)…back to the end of the live eviction show and Nicole calls out Christine and then Zach and Donny yo the rescue and tells her to keep her head high. Christine is acting like Nicole played her, but Nicole is calling everyone out and I love it! Frankie is an ass and said that Nicole asked to work with him, but he is being an arrogant ass. Now Nicole is throwing Frankie under the bus for wanting to get Zach out, which Zach said he is kind of believing. Derrick is taking it all in and making notes! Frankie is trying to make amends with everyone, as Caleb is starting to doubt him.

HOH COMPETITION: It is a head-to-head tournament and they must answer questions and the last two standing will be the HoHs for Week 7. They draw chips to fill the brackets.

BATTLE 1 – Nicole wins; Cody out

BATTLE 2 – Victoria wins; Derrick out

BATTLE 3 – Christine wins; Donny out

BATTLE 4 – Zach wins; Frankie out (Zach didn’t even read it, but guessed correctly)

BATTLE 5 – Nicole wins; Victoria out (She is first HoH for Week 7)!!!

BATTLE 6 – Christine wins; Zach out (Zach guessed again, but wrong this time. Christine is the second HoH for Week 7)

Frankie is on the prowl to make damage control. He talks with Christine and she said she is going to have to put up Zach or Caleb and he said whatever to keep him safe. Christine and Nicole are talking about nominations, but in pops Frankie! Let them talk, damn it! He said he was working with the other side of the house, but now he wants him and Christine to flip sides and join Nicole, Victoria and Donny and they would have numbers. Christine is pissed and you can tell!

Zach knows he has to do some damage control too, so he pulls Nicole in the Hive. He says Frankie and Christine are liars. He is fishing for info, but she is not giving it up! Zach outs The Detonators were started two weeks ago and Zach said she had an alliance with Cody until that day. She outs Frankie for his four nominees. If Zach wasn’t so crazy, this could be a good move for them to work together!

Of course Zach can’t keep it to himself, as he runs and tells Caleb and they are both pissed! Caleb runs and tells Derrick and Cody about Frankie’s nominees. Zach joins in and they talk about one of them going on the block with Frankie and Zach volunteers, like normal!

Now time for the dust to come out, as Derrick talks with Nicole. He says everyone wants Frankie gone, so put up Zach and Frankie and they’ll throw it. They call in Caleb to get assurance on this plan, but Nicole doesn’t think he will go through with it. Nicole tells Caleb that Frankie made her lie about Amber. Caleb volunteers and said he’ll throw the comp and Nicole trusts him!

NOMINATIONS CEREMONY: Christine nominates Donny and Zach. Nicole nominates Caleb and Frankie. Nicole calls out Frankie during her speech and I love every second of it. Zach says that Christine and Frankie are liars and he doesn’t want to be associated with them.

Christine said she was shocked at Nicole’s nominees and that she has grown a pair and is happy about it!

Now we see Zach say he is not talking to Frankie or Christine again. Frankie comes in and Zach leaves! Frankie is feeling confident with being partnered with Beast Mode Cowboy. Frankie tries to talk to Zach and he is not having it, but Frankie said the only reason he is there is because of Frankie and he ruined his game because of it! We now go to the Battle of the Block, which is way earlier than normal! They definitely want us to see Frankie tell us about his sister tonight, huh?

BATTLE OF THE BLOCK COMPETITION – They will pull a chain with a ball to get it to the top. The first team to get ten touchdown passes will win safety and a trip outside of the house to an NFL event with tailgating! Frankie can tell that Caleb is going to throw it. He tries to get him to not throw it, but Caleb said he ruined his trust and loyalty and he can pull chains himself! Zach is loving every second of this, as am I!

The comp starts and Zach & Donny are working it big time. They get out to a quick lead, but then Frankie comes back with two passes. He gets his rhythm and now we see how this game is easier with one person. It does take more strength for one person, but it also takes working together. They are tied at five each, so Zach tries to do it alone and fails. Clearly, this is one that Caleb should have stayed in the comp and messed with the ropes! Frankie takes home the victory and he says that was for his grandpa and family…such crap! Frankie and Caleb are off the block and Nicole is dethroned as HoH. That means Donny and Zach remain on the block and Christine is HoH for Week 7 and we see that Frankie needs to tell everyone about his sister….I say don’t watch on Wednesday, or bring your puke bags!

What do you think of tonight’s show?

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