I don’t know about any of you, but I am super excited for tonight’s new episode of Big Brother 2014. Anyone else? It’s just me? Oh well! This should be a good one, even though my Big Brother 2014 spoilers give away all the details for tonight’s Big Brother 16, it will be the first time we get to see the Battle of the Block competition take place and I am intrigued to see how this one goes! Come watch it with me tonight during my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won the Battle of the Block on Big Brother 16 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 3

I know it has been a slower start to the season, but isn’t that the case every season? I miss all your comments and it seems like we have been quieter this season! Let’s change that this week, okay? If the HGs aren’t going to make that much noise, how about we do it ourselves???

The fun continues on Big Brother 16, so follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…time to see the HoH rooms! Frankie said him and Caleb will have to be best friends and they will bond this week. Victoria thinks the bathroom up there is meant for a princess, so she is excited to have Frankie as the HoH and she can use it!

Christine and Nicole are simple girls and they are both fanatics and seem to be getting along and shop at Walmart and can see themselves being best friends after this. Frankie and Caleb chat and think they are polar opposites (so true), but think they could work well together and no one would suspect them working together. They decide to rally some soldiers and Devin and Derrick are their first recruits. Devin says the girls get too emotional and they talk about an all-guy alliance. Derrick thinks it is too early for alliances to be formed because they barely know each other. They form the “Bomb Alliance” with the four of them and adding in Zach and Cody.

The Bomb Squad wants to take out all the floaters in the house. Jocasta says her only alliance is with God. Cody is hesitant in joining and thinks it could be the next Brigade or Moving Company! Which one do you think?

We see Nicole and Christine chatting again. I am liking this alliance and think they would both keep their word. They are laying low and Nicole is a Michigan girl (my hometown state), so I gotta represent! In the house, they get the “Nominations Today” screen and everyone starts freaking out!

Devin and Donny chat and Devin wants to keep him thinking their alliance is strong. He said they have to both be mentally strong, which is a joke as the week goes on for Devin! If you don’t know, he is here for his daughter. You’ll hear that a lot. Donny….get away from Devin and quick!

Frankie and Caleb talk about nominations and they think Brittany is a threat and acting fake. Frankie wants to put the first two that fell off during HoH competition. Caleb wants to put up a guy and girl from both sides, but feels they are stacked either way with the Bomb Squad. For the nominations, Frankie had to nominate someone from Night 2 HGs and Caleb had to nominate someone from Night 1.

NOMINATIONS CEREMONY: Caleb and Frankie draw eggs to see who picks nominees first and second. Caleb picks first and then Frankie, but in separate rooms. No drawing of the keys, but Caleb nominates Donny and Paola and says it is because they are the first male and female to fall off during the HoH competition. Frankie nominates Victoria (his princess) and Brittany and he says it is the first two that feel during second HoH competition.

Victoria thought her and Frankie were working together, but she said to throw that idea out. Devin talks with Donny and said he is strong (he is so fake and Donny needs to see it). Paola comes in and tells Donny he needs to be strong for their team. Nicole and Christine are ecstatic they were not nominated! Now Caleb is getting emotional after nominations and says he has a heart and hates seeing people hurt because of him…well, this is Big Brother 2014!

Frankie and Victoria are talking and he is doing major damage control. He says Caleb nominated first and he wanted them, so he had to do it. Victoria said she can never trust him and will kick ass in the Battle of the Block!

Devin has not even talked to the Bomb Squad about it, but he pulls Christine and Amber aside and tells them about the Bomb Squad and wants them to join. This is done at 4:30am and then he goes to talk to Caleb about it. Devin may have his doubts, but he should have talked to his alliance first! Caleb asked if the girls knew and he said yes. I’d vote out Devin now!!! Caleb has no choice, so he welcomes them to the Bomb Squad! Christina said her true alliance is with Nicole.

Devin tells Frankie, Derrick and Cody about it the next day and you can tell they all hate the idea. Devin said they all need to remain calm and need to ride and die! Time for some yoga, as Donny, Jocasta, Amber, Joey and Hayden stretch it out! Donny is worried about “busting a bean” while stretching! He is cracking some jokes and he is just cute!

Let the downfall of Devin happen! He adds the two women and now thinks Donny is a genius. He is crazy! He has crazy eyes and it seems like no one is right, unless it is his thoughts. Again, can we vote off Devin???

BATTLE OF THE BLOCK: It is a ballroom and 1920’s glam! Hayden is the host, so good to see he is still alive. The winning pair wins safety for the week and dethrones the HoH that nominated them. It is called the “Pouring 20s” and they will be swinging with big champagne glasses and collect champagne in them and transfer it to each other and first one to fill the flute will win. They all struggle to get the swing moving, but then everyone but Paola get it together!

Brittany and Victoria are in sync for a little while and out to a huge lead. Paola is not getting anything and it is a joke and she wants to give up! They finally get it together and Donny and Paola are catching up! They make it closer than it looked, but Brittany and Victoria pull it together and win Battle of the Block on Big Brother 2014! They are safe for the week and Frankie is no longer HoH! Donny and Paola remain on the block and Caleb is the lone HoH!

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What do you think of the results tonight on Big Brother 2014?

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