I don’t know if any of you remember that famous saying, but I am hoping it applies to Big Brother 2014 and the producers and Big Brother gods are kind to us tonight on Big Brother 16! We all know that the Big Brother Rewind button was hit by the HGs this week and that means the whole week was for nothing and it will start over tonight as Julie Chen drops the big news on them. We should then see a new HoH crowned for Week 12 on Big Brother 2014 and the fun starts again. Check it out with us during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 34 Preview 2

Last night on Big Brother 16, the HGs worked through another Veto Night in the Big Brother 2014 house. While we watched it play out and see what the HGs were thinking (or not thinking), none of it truly matters. The HGs will either vote tonight and Julie will announce that it doesn’t matter and by hitting the Rewind button we go back to the end of the last eviction show or she’ll just announce it and we start a whole new HoH competition tonight on Big Brother 2014!

The fun continues on Big Brother 16, so follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…what’s up with Julie and the pants lately??? No more dresses???

We go back to the Veto Meeting and Cody is not so sure about things this week since only two votes and one of them is Caleb. We see Victoria crying and Frankie tries to give her a pep talk, but knows that she is the target and everyone thinks they can beat her in the final.

Victoria and Derrick are talking and he is trying to keep her on his side. He tells her to campaign to Caleb. They have been paranoid about that button all week and it is all they have been talking about all week, so that is what they are showing now! Derrick, Caleb and Cody are talking and saying they need to get Frankie out next and he can’t win the comps.

Caleb scares Cody in the shower and it is hilarious and then Caleb mumbles something and love the ?’s on the screen by CBS! The week also consisted of Derrick planting seeds in everyone’s minds, which he is now doing with Frankie and saying that Cody and Caleb are his threats and they all are equals and Derrick should be in F2 to get second place. Frankie acts like it, but he ain’t buying it! Now he is trying to come up with this plan of him telling Victoria that she is going home and she is pissed at him, so this will get the guys thinking she is not a jury vote for him.

Victoria puts on her acting skills to tell Frankie about Derrick and she brings Frankie to tears! He must have bought it, as he goes to Derrick and said she is upset. Derrick is happy and Victoria is working it for him and will miss her.

The producers put up on the big screen that the next live show is in 48 hours, which coincides with the countdown clock and when the button runs out. The funny thing is is that screen was up for like 45 minutes before any of them noticed it!!! Now they freak out and what does this mean. Caleb thinks celebrities will be coming in and playing a luxury comp and he marries Mila Kunis. I think Ashton would be upset!

Julie now heads to the living room and she asks Caleb what he hopes for the money and he wants a big truck of money to come in for all of them and Julie said that won’t be happening. Derrick said he wishes they would have waited more than 30 seconds to push it. Frankie makes some lame speech about Jeff & Jordan. We see the rat visitor and Cody freaking out! Victoria said it is a tie between Caleb and Frankie and they leave things everywhere, including toenails!

JURY HOUSE: We take a look into the jury house and Jocasta is working that hair! They get a birthday present for Zach and it is a new pink hat!!! Nicole arrives and they hope Christine is coming next with the DE! I miss Zach and he is funny! They watch the videos and Hayden says he hate Christine when she won the veto. Hayden said that Derrick is playing the nice guy, but controlling everyone! Donny has a Christine laugh! Hayden asks Christine if she has a thing for dinosaurs and Donny asks her if she has an attorney! As much doubt I had about Derrick being able to win if he made it, I don’t have any now! The jury knows Derrick has controlled it all, but they mention Frankie is a beast at comps. This could be good if they are F2 and I kind of want to see it happen….anyone else?

Back to the living room and time for the live voting to begin on Big Brother 2014! Victoria continues the “Derrick hate” and said she does not trust him, but loves everyone else. She did good on that. Time for the vote and Derrick goes, but an alarm goes off!!!! Julie said it affects all their games and could change their lives in the game, but will tell us after the break! Victoria goes searching for her suitcase and she is getting ready for that comp!

Julie reveals the Big Brother Rewind! They show a video and rewind it and they have all traveled back in time and the game has been rewound to last week. Cody and Victoria are off the block and we are doing the same HoH comp tonight between Cody, Caleb, Victoria and Frankie. Cody has to put the dinosaur costume back on! Why the same comp?

Julie talks with Dan Gheesling and he said they had a strong alliance that never broke. He said he would have pressed the button and not waited as long as they did. Dan said Derrick has played a great game, but will be hard to explain that to the jury in such a short amount of time. He is cheering for Derrick to win.

The Veto Comp and HoH comp will be the same as last week. I do not like that. Thoughts?

HOH COMPETITION: Derrick is outgoing HoH and not competing. Back to the see-saw competition and putting the seeds in the shovel. Can Frankie win again? Caleb was close before. Cody kept screwing up, so maybe he’ll be more focused? Victoria should just sit down!

Frankie is out to a lead, but Caleb and Cody right there with him and Victoria holding strong to start.

SCHEDULE (all at 8pm EST):

  • Sunday – Find out HoH winner and nominees. Jury members coming back into the house!
  • Tuesday – Special Eviction episode; F4 determined
  • Wednesday – Live Eviction episode; F3 determined
  • Friday – Special episode

We leave for the night and they turn the water on the HGs. Victoria is behind and Caleb and Cody are doing well and look to be in the lead, but Frankie may have smaller balls….yup, I just said he may have smaller balls! I’ll keep you all posted on who wins when I know!

What do you think of this twist tonight?

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