Can you all hear that? That is the sound of relief, as most of the Big Brother 2014 fans will be happy to see the special eviction episode tonight on CBS and see which HG is sent to the jury house on Big Brother 16! This is a jam-packed night, as we have to get through the Veto Comp and Meeting and then the eviction and another new HoH competition! Get ready for it and watch with us during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who got voted off Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 - Week 12 Results

Last time on Big Brother 16, we saw Caleb win the HoH competition and the guys put into action their attempt to get rid of Frankie this week. While the episode ended with Caleb making the initial nominations for the week, our Big Brother 2014 spoilers gave you the results for the veto this week.

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and we made our predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and both are leaning towards a certain HG. See if we are correct and see the battle for the new HoH, which is not a huge deal because the veto winner holds all the power this week. The Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the audience cheers for the start of the show, but will they boo Frankie’s eviction??? The announcer just called Frankie as Ariana’s brother….that disgusts me! Do they refer to anyone else’s family members when talking about them???

Back to the end of the Veto Meeting and Frankie is worried and tells Caleb he doesn’t understand. Victoria is excited to be going to F4. Frankie tells Caleb it doesn’t make sense. Cody and Derrick talk and said they need to win veto and Caleb is on board with sending Frankie home.

Now we see Frankie and Caleb playing pool and Caleb spilling his guts to Frankie. How does this guy know not to shut his mouth? He is an idiot and tells him that the guys thought Frankie would make a big move, maybe, if he won veto. Cody and Derrick come out and Cody is ticked and says if Frankie wins the veto than he is coming after them. Well, he would have done that anyways. Frankie says he has been loyal and the guys are scared of him, which is true.

The HGs know what the Veto Competition is going to be, so they are all studying that Memory Wall big time.

TEAM AMERICA: Julie Chen said it is over, but Frankie and Derrick have one more chance to take home some cash. Frankie gets the card and said they are playing for themselves now. If they win Big Brother 2014, then they get an extra $50,000.

POWER OF VETO COMPETITION: It is the Big Brother Freakshow and they are six new mashups. The last one will have two faces and six HGs! The first player (Cody) will set the time to beat, so that is pressure for the following HGs. They don’t know, however, who has that time to beat!

  • Cody – He is moving along very nicely with only a few errors. He was rushing and he nailed it, as he got 2:21, but does not think it is good enough.
  • Caleb – He does a backflip out of to the backyard. He is not moving fast and then he forgets to turn the lights off from the first mashup! You want to win this then run until you can’t breath! He runs out of time and Cody is still in the lead.
  • Victoria – She starts strong, but gets caught up on one and time runs out, so Cody still in lead.
  • Frankie – He gets caught up on Amber’s eyes and is freaking out. He runs out of time and Cody stays in the lead and it is game over!
  • Derrick – He comes out and thinks that Frankie has the time to beat! He is moving very fast and gets to the last one, but runs out of time!!!

They all come out to the backyard and Cody announces his victory and it looks like buh bye Frankie!!!

VETO MEETING: They bypass any talk of trying to get the veto used on them. Frankie said use the veto on him and Derrick has never been on the block. Cody does not use it and Frankie is pissed! That means Frankie and Victoria remain on the block!

Now we see Frankie telling Cody that he will not be keeping Caleb safe any longer. Frankie calls Derrick the king. He is trying to work them over and say he would go after Caleb and not them!

They just announced the BB17 auditions, so I guess it got renewed!

Time for the vote, as Julie heads to the living room!!! Victoria said she has fought hard to get to this point (really)? Frankie said he kept them all safe and hopes they honor the F4 deal. Julie said he is quite the showman. Time for that vote!!!!

  • Cody votes to evict the showman Frankie
  • Derrick sadly votes to evict Frankie

It is official and a 2-0 vote and Frankie has been eliminated on Big Brother 16 tonight!!! He gives them speeches and tells Victoria to win something. I am sad, but he flings glitter and has cheers! Whether it is cheers or boos, Frankie is gone!!! He feels Cody has been playing him for a while. He tells Julie that he can’t not win things, so that is why he did not win veto during first week. He does not regret going against the guys during his HoH reign. He is playing the game for charity. Julie tells him that Ariana has a bright future. He thinks his big secret did save him in the game. They all give him props in their away messages.

HOH COMPETITION: This may be important, but the veto is more important this time. It is called “Foggy Memory” and Julie asks questions about event’s in the house and they must answer if it is before or after a second event.

  • Question 1 – Everyone correct
  • Question 2 – Derrick is back and forth, but everyone correct again
  • Question 3 – Victoria and Cody right, so ahead 3-2
  • Question 4 – Everyone correct, so 4-3 lead still for Vic & Cody
  • Question 5 – Cody and Derrick correct, so Cody leading 5-4 over both
  • Question 6 – Cody and Derrick correct, so Cody leads 6 to 5 to 4
  • Question 7 – Derrick is correct, so Cody and Derrick are tied at 6
  • Tiebreaker – It is asking how long the luxury competition in seconds was from start to when Hayden won it. It was 462 seconds and Derrick had 420, so he wins HoH!

We find out the remaining schedule:

  • Wednesday – Live Eviction Show
  • Friday – Final HoH competition begins
  • Next Wednesday (Sept. 24) – Season Finale

What do you think of the show tonight?

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