It is finally time for the Big Brother 2014 finale tonight on CBS and one of the three remaining HGs will be named the winner of Big Brother 16 tonight. This is a huge night, especially since we could see the biggest payout ever in Big Brother history, that is if Derrick wins Big Brother 2014. So, who wins Big Brother 16 tonight? Check out my thoughts below in our Big Brother 2014 predictions for the Big Brother 16 finale!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

While we anxiously wait for the finale of Big Brother every season, this may be a season that we are anxious for the finale, but not for the same reasons. Sure, we all want to know who wins, but I think we are all ready for this season to come to an end and end our misery!

We have not seen all of the racist or homophobic comments like last season, but this has been a season of boredom and everyone following the lead of Derrick. It may be a Final 3 of Derrick, Victoria and Cody, but have any of them really done anything besides Derrick?

I have questioned if the jury would give the money to Derrick, since he has not made any big moves this game, but he has controlled the whole house the entire season. After seeing some of the jury house footage, I am convinced that Derrick will win tonight. Derrick and Cody have an agreement to take each other to F2 and I think they will honor that. Then Derrick will easily beat Cody and he will walk away with $575,000 from his time on Big Brother 16!

Who do you think wins tonight on Big Brother 2014?

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