Little late on this one, but we all saw Amber Borzotra walk through those doors last week on Big Brother 2014 after another unanimous vote on Big Brother 16! The women are getting picked off one at a time and Amber was the latest victim. As usual, Jeff Schroeder sat down with the evicted HG for an interview and live chat, so check it out below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Amber Borzotra Interview

Amber was never someone I was truly fond of during her time on the show, but I thought her interview with Julie Chen was great and it made me like her a lot more. I think she could have been a good player this season, but she came into it with no real game play. She got sucked up into all the drama with Caleb and kind of led him and Cody on, even though it may not have been her intentions.

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Either way, the HGs thought it was time for her to go home and now she sits down with Jeff to discuss her time in the Big Brother 16 house. Check it out here:

And relive some of the moments in the Big Brother 2014 house for Amber:

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