CBS has opened up the voting for America’s Favorite HouseGuest for the Big Brother 2014 cast and I am beyond curious to see how these results go. Well all know that I am Team Donny all the way, but who will you be voting for? I hear Zach and Nicole often, but then everyone is concerned about Frankie using his sister’s fans to get votes going his way. Give me an idea of what to expect and vote in our Big Brother 16 poll below and make some Big Brother 2014 spoilers of our own!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Full Cast in Swimsuits

This is going to be interesting, as Frankie’s family has tweeted out support for him as AFP and I know loved ones do this, but loved ones don’t usually have millions of followers! And those followers question what POV means during other tweets! Either way, I would be fine with Zach or Nicole winning it (both deserve it), but then Donny was my favorite and that guy made me cry every episode! For me, that is a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I told you about the voting being open the other day, but now I want to know who you are voting for! You can vote 20 times online under an email or social media account each day, but vote as often as you can and you can do that right here!

So, who did you or will you be voting for? Tell us here:

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