It is that time of year, well besides the time of year to purchase your Big Brother Live Feeds, but it is also the time when 80 million rumors get thrown around about who will be on Big Brother 16! We have less than four weeks until the Big Brother 2014 premiere and everyone wants to know the new HouseGuests on Big Brother 2014, but give it time people! Newest rumor: producers borrowing a book from Survivor and doing a Blood vs. Water theme for the new season. Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Julie Chen

To be honest, until CBS confirms anything and officially announces the Big Brother 16 cast, I am believing nothing out there. We all had such a rough summer thanks to Big Brother 15, so I am thinking the return of some previous HGs could be in the works. Sure, we all want a new cast and HGs that have never played the game before, but they did that with BB15 and look at what happened?

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I don’t think the producers want another disaster, so a Blood vs. Water theme could be a good option. They bring in new HGs, but mix them in with family and loved ones and it should not end up a racist/homophobic rant night after night! Sure, I would like a whole new cast and think the producers should be able to pick out some bad blood when they see it…I mean, it is their job! This theme could be a safe bet and could be done, especially since Survivor is doing it again next season!

Let’s pretend this is the actual theme for Big Brother 2014 and we have returning players coming on the show and bringing their loved ones with them. Who do you want to see come back? Tell me some of your favorite pairings below in the comments! My only request for CBS if they do this: no Reilly sisters! I just survived Rachel Reilly on The Amazing Race and think it would be overkill to have her on Big Brother again, just two months after Amazing Race ended! Stay home and work on that baby with Brendon Villegas, girl!

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