I hate to even talk about this subject again and I am hoping producers nip this in the butt before it becomes an issue for Big Brother 16, but could we be faced with some more racist comments on Big Brother 2014? Did the producers not learn from the disaster of Big Brother 15? I would assume that the screening process would be even more intense this summer, but it looks like someone slipped through the cracks! Could Caleb Reynolds bring the racist and homophobic comments back this season? Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Cast Spoilers - Caleb Reynolds

It looks like Caleb Reynolds was not happy about the reelection of President Barack Obama and he went to his Instagram account to discuss it. The post has been deleted now, but our friends at Hamsterwatch.com got the screen shot and you can check it out below:

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Sorry it is so small, but he basically is not happy about four more years of Obama. Someone comments on the post in support of Obama and Caleb decides to go into a homophobic and racist rant! He uses the term “fags” and calls President Obama a “Muslim monkey.” Whether you support Obama or not, he is still the President of the United States and he deserves your respect and honor. I don’t know what makes people think they can make comments like this and get away with it.

To be honest, I thought Caleb was easy on the eyes and could be a new Judd Daugherty this season. Now, I am not even sure what to think about him. His comments are beyond disgusting and we can only hope that in the 20 months since he posted that he had grown up a little. CBS should scan every social media posts of the Big Brother 2014 cast before releasing them to the public. Let’s hope producers have put these people through the ringer on what is allowed and what is not allowed to be said. I don’t want a repeat of Big Brother 15, but Caleb Reynolds could definitely be the start of something terrible!

I will go into Big Brother 16 with an open mind and hope for the best, but I have my eye on you Caleb and not in the same way I had my eye on you when I first saw your cast photo!

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