Another Big Brother 2014 poll while we wait for the Battle of the Block results for Week 5 on Big Brother 16! Last night on Big Brother 2014 we saw the HoH competition for Week 5. I have been wondering about this since it happened and want other’s feedback on the situation. Derrick went up against Frankie and stepped back and let Frankie win HoH for Week 5 so he could see a picture of his grandfather that just passed away. He got major props for it, but was it a sincere move or was it a game move from Derrick to score some major points with the other HGs? Vote below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Derrick

Last night on Big Brother 16, the HGs participated in the HoH competition. They listened to songs that related to a previous HoH, BOB or PoV competition. The first person to buzz in with the correct answer would win and the other was eliminated. We saw Derrick and Frankie go against each other (the winner would be the first HoH of Week 5). Derrick walks up asking if Frankie wants to see a picture of his grandpa. He thens steps away from the podium and lets Frankie answer and win HoH.

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Afterwards, Julie Chen asks if he threw the competition and Derrick said yes and sometimes real life is more important than this game and Frankie gets to see a picture of his grandpa now. As nice and sweet as that sounds, I am not buying it! I think Derrick was trying to look good and score some points along the way. He knows Frankie would never come after him, so he avoids the block and can still control the noms with Frankie as HoH.

Let’s say that Donny or Jocasta lost their grandfather, no way Derrick was throwing in the towel to be the nice guy. For me, it was a game move and Derrick was smart about it. What do you all think? Vote here:

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