With all bad news comes good news and we definitely got that as well yesterday, as America’s Favorite HouseGuest on Big Brother 16 revealed that he is engaged! Yup, Donny Thompson must have had some big revelations inside that Big Brother 2014 house, as he came out and proposed to his girlfriend Kristine Bartley and she said yes! Check out the details below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Donny

We all loved Donny on Big Brother 16 and he was one of the few bright spots in a pretty boring season. I cried many times with him and because of him and now I have tears of joy for the bearded fella! He did an interview with Breaking New Journal and let the secret out of the bag when he said that Kristine is not his girlfriend, but his fiancee! Check out the clip here:

Donny did take home some cash during his time on Big Brother 16, so Kristine probably got a pretty fancy ring! I am so happy for Donny and know that he will probably slowly fade back into his normal, everyday life and I am fine with that. Maybe he’ll be back for an All Stars edition, but until then he can lead his normal life as a married man soon enough!

Congrats to Donny and Kristine! Check out the happy couple (pre-beard) here:

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