While we may have all been enjoying the fireworks over the weekend, CBS wants us to enjoy the fireworks in the Big Brother 2014 house and we should see plenty of them tonight on Big Brother 16. We have seen plenty of action this weekend, but a ton of stuff went down after the live eviction show on Thursday night. You ready for some fun tonight on Big Brother 16? Check out our preview for Episode 6 below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 6 Preview

If you are one of those people that refuse to read any of our Big Brother 2014 spoilers and you only watch the shows on CBS then you have no idea what has happened since we saw Devin and Amber win HoHs on Big Brother 16 Thursday night! If you do keep up, then you know all the excitement that has happened since then and the drama and tears that are hopefully shown tonight!

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This is going to be a jam-packed night on CBS, as the HGs won’t even get any sleep before all the action takes place. We won’t even make it to the 4th of July and fireworks before these events happen. It is going to be annoying seeing Devin in charge and Amber do nothing, but we have to watch, right?

Check out a preview for Big Brother 2014 tonight here:

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