No dating rumors here, but it looks like we have a sighting of Evel Dick and Amanda Zuckerman, as they both attended a Survivor viewing party in Florida last week. It was a night for Survivor and Big Brother to come together and for fans to watch and party with some of their favorite contestants on both shows! Check out some photos of the event below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Amanda and Evel Dick

For the event, these were the people in attendance according to the Facebook event page:

  • Kat EdorssonSurvivor Season 24 “One World” and 27 “Blood vs Water”
  • Spencer DuhmSurvivor Season 18 “Tocantins”
  • Stephanie FavorSurvivor Season 13 “Cook Islands”
  • Tanya VanceSurvivor Season 5 “Thailand”
  • Carl BilancioneSurvivor 3 “Africa”
  • Evel Dick Donato – Winner of Big Brother 8, Big Brother 13
  • Amanda Zuckerman – Big Brother 15
  • Jessie Godderz – Big Brother 10 + 11
  • Kara Monaco – Big Brother 14
  • Casey Turner – Big Brother 11

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It is cool that bars have these type of events and bring in the past contestants to help promote the current season. Check out photos from the event here:

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