The rumors and drama has been going around over the weekend concerning Big Brother winner Evel Dick and a crazy photo he posted on his Twitter account showing off a crazy head injury! To be honest, it looks scary as hell and a serious injury, but he does not seem to be too concerned. Check out the Evel Dick head injury below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

big-brother-13-evel-dick-hdr-2 (1)

So, all the drama started when Evel Dick posted this message on his Twitter:

The photo with that message can be seen below, including an updated photo he sent out. Now, he has sent out other updates, including a friend coming by to check him out and photos of the bike he was riding and the damage to that. The whole story seems crazy to me, as he is not going to the hospital to get checked out and that looks like a nasty injury. And to not remember what happened?

We definitely hope everything works out for Evel Dick and no serious injuries or infections come from this accident. Check out all the photos below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers (photos are not for those with a weak stomach):

Click in image for full view

Source: Twitter

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