Ever since that episode aired on Friday night and the Final 3 on Big Brother 2014 took some time to look back at Big Brother 16 and some of their favorite moments of the season, I have been trying to think of my own. Our wonderful Cat came up with the idea of us all sharing our own favorite moments, but how am I supposed to come up with a moment when they all run together for me? I’ll try, which can be seen in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 21 Preview 12

To be honest, if Donny was involved then it was one of my favorite moments on Big Brother 16. In a season that brought us predicability and unanimous votes and Derrick running the show, Donny was that bright spot that brought us some giggles and tears every episode. There was a reason he was voted onto Team America (and hopefully why he wins America’s Favorite HouseGuest during the finale on Wednesday night).

While there are many moments with Donny that were great, I am going to go back to Week 6 and that Double Eviction episode. We saw Caleb win HoH and then nominate Donny and Hayden. Power of Veto was up next and it was a physical competition of running into the pit of balls and find three rubber duckies (yes, I just said duckies)! This was a very physical competition and Donny was going up against Hayden, Caleb and Zach (Christine and Victoria also), so no one thought he would beat them.

He turns around and shows these youngin’s who the real comp beast was! Seeing him win and collapsing afterwards brought tears to me eyes yet again. There were many moments that Donny made me cry, but these were tears of joy and tears of being proud of him. He showed he was a true competitor and he wasn’t going to lie down and let them run over him.

So, what was your favorite moment from Big Brother 16? Comment below and let’s share some of the good times together!

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