CBS is giving us some huge Big Brother 2014 spoilers before the Big Brother 16 premiere tomorrow night, as they have given us a sneak peek video at the first Head of Household competition of the season and it is an endurance one, but it also looks familiar. What does this mean? Well, we know the first group to move into the Big Brother 2014 house, which means we also know the second group! Check out the details and video below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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For the first HoH competition of Big Brother 16, it looks like the first eight HGs will be competing in “Go Fly A Kite” and it is very similar to the “Bull In A China Shop” competition last season. They stay on a moving barrel while holding a rope and not let go. Fall off the barrel or let go of the rope and smash your sandcastle and you are out of the competition! The last HG standing will be the first HoH of Big Brother 16!

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As you can tell from the picture and video below, the first eight HGs into the house are Frankie Grande, Donny Thompson, Cody Calafiore, Joey Van Pelt, Paola Shea, Amber Borzotra, Nicole Franzel and Devin Shepherd. What does this confirm? Well, it looks like it won’t be a Men vs. Women theme, since this is the first group moving in! And it confirms the second group moving in is Caleb Reynolds, Hayden Voss, Zach Rance, Brittany Martinez, Jocasta Odom, Christine Brecht, Victoria Rafaeli and Derrick Levasseur and we will see their HoH competition on Thursday night!

I don’t know why the two different groups going in, but men versus women seems out of the question on Big Brother 2014! Maybe they are related somehow between the two groups? Check out the sneak peek video of the first HoH competition for tomorrow night on Big Brother 2014:

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