I have mentioned this event in my Live Feeds recaps, but it is getting more and more attention and people asking about it, so I will now discuss the Frankie Grande rape jokes on Big Brother 2014. Didn’t we get enough of this talk during Big Brother 15??? Either way, we have some controversy on Big Brother 16 now and, of course, it centers around Frankie! Check out the details below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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From those that subscribe to the Live Feeds, this all happened about 2:21pm BBT on Saturday, 8/30. It was Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Christine and Derrick just having a general chit chat session and nothing major. They knew they were getting an alcohol delivery that night and they started talking about who would be drinking and that is where it turned ugly.

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To be honest, as much as I dislike Frankie, he was not alone in that room and it was Christine that brought up the topic! They said it would be Cody, Caleb and Victoria being the only ones drinking that night. She tells them not to make love to Victoria that night, but Frankie turns it into Caleb and Cody double teaming Victoria and “taking all of her virginities.”

Sure, it was a tasteless joke, but it was an attempt at a joke and everyone in the room laughed. Derrick said her Dad is probably watching and he would probably bust his computer if it was him. They all laugh and then it proceeds into making more jokes and sexual gestures, but not only by Frankie, but by Derrick too. How is all the attention on Frankie, but no one else in the room? No one stood up for Victoria and said the things being said was wrong. I mean, stand up for a fellow woman Christine? Or stand up for your little puppy dog Derrick?

Victoria’s mother talked to TMZ and she wants Frankie to apologize, but also wants an apology from his sister Ariana Grande and his family! The families of these people should never be involved in any actions the HGs do or say. As much as Frankie has included Ariana Grande into Big Brother 2014, she is not on the show and did not make the statements. Her or his family owe no apology.

To sum it up, it was an attempt at a joke that failed big time (in our opinion). However, the HGs all had a good time with it on Saturday. Frankie should not be kicked out of the Big Brother 2014 house because of it. The petitions going around saying Frankie should be kicked out are a joke. Everyone in that room laughed and went along with the “joke” and made some of their own. Why not kick them all out? We all know that CBS won’t show it, so let’s move past it. Did any of us expect something classy to come out of Frankie’s mouth?

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