I will be the first to admit that Big Brother 2014 is a game and an entertaining game that we all get worked up about during the summer months, but real life takes over at times and we have some terrible news to report this morning. Frankie Grande, who we all have mixed emotions on, has lost his beloved grandfather. “Grandpa Grande” was 90 years old. Our thoughts go out to the entire Grande family.

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Frankie Grande

As mentioned by Frankie on Big Brother 16, it seems like their family is extremely close, especially him and his pop star sister Ariana Grande. The passing is not a shock to anyone in the Grande family, as he has had months of poor health. Ariana went to the family in Florida around the 4th of July to be with them and her Grandpa and shared the news on Twitter:

Your heart just breaks seeing this information and you wonder how Big Brother will handle the situation with Frankie. Like him or not, this was his grandfather and you gotta feel for him. My eyes water up as I type this and think of my own grandfather that has passed. You want to be with your family, but it looks like his family will want him to stay in the Big Brother 2014 house per grandpa’s instructions:

“asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said “no way! he’s gotta play the game even tho i don’t understand it”

Not sure how production will handle the situation, but our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Grande family during this time of grieve.

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