It seems that producers are moving things along quickly so far on Big Brother 2014, but they surprised us all with an Overnight Nominations Ceremony! Yeah, we had two new Head of Households crowned last night on Big Brother 16 and they were already put to the test of making nominations for Week 2! That means no real scheming time, but the HGs have been in talks about their new targets already. Check out the Week 2 nominations on Big Brother 16 below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 2 Nominations

So, we saw Amber win the women’s HoH competition and Devin took home the victory after Hayden fell right before hitting the buzzer and Cody was determined to have done the same thing after reviewing the tapes. The Nominations Ceremony was held overnight and before that could happen, Devin was going around and telling EVERYONE his nominees, including the nominees. This is against the rules, but they did not give them penalty nominees!

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For the nominees, here we go:

  • Devin’s nominees: Brittany and Paola (sounds familiar)
  • Amber’s nominees: Hayden and Nicole

Devin hates Brittany, so no shocker there. Paola said she would throw the Battle of the Block competition (which seems to be happening now), so she was put up to make the target Brittany. Amber seemed to turn over the thought process to the Bomb Squad for her picks and since Hayden and Nicole are not part of it, they were put up.

The Battle of the Block will determine a lot and then seeing where the HGs want to put the true target! We’ll find out shortly on those Big Brother 2014 results!

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 2014 for Week 1?

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