With most of the action done for the week on Big Brother 2014 and we are just sitting and waiting for the Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 16 (it should be Monday afternoon), it seemed like Saturday would be a day of rest and little game talk (these HGs don’t seem to want to play the game yet). However, thanks to Team America player Joey, things got interesting throughout the night! Check out the details in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers for the Live Feeds!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Devin and JoeyPhoto Credit: BigBrotherGossip.com


To be honest, the day was real slow. The HGs slapped on their swimsuits and hung out in the backyard most of the day. They are working on their tans and not worried about the game or who is going home this week, since most people know it will be Joey going up as the renom from Caleb. We also saw Zach working out and spending some time with Donny, which was nice to see. I actually think both Zach and Caleb aren’t as bad as first impressions gave me!

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Then the evening started and Joey got the wheels going in her head. This is another one where first impressions did me wrong. I liked her, but now she is just not all there. She is a terrible Big Brother player and playing with no brains. She thinks Caleb is going to do a house vote and see who the house wants up as a renom (not going to happen). Joey wants Devin out this week and with some pushing from Zach and Derrick, Joey goes and tells Devin of her plan to get rid of him this week!

This sets off some wild moments in the Big Brother 2014 house, as it gets everyone talking: either about how silly Joey is, how she is ruining her own game or how she does have a point about getting Devin out! As terrible as she was at it, Joey did get the other HGs talking about Devin, but it won’t matter. Joey is killing her own game and Caleb will never put up Devin because he needs someone to use as a threat next week.

We also saw a scuffle between Brittany and Devin. About what? Bed sheets, lotion and his daughter’s birthday! The whole thing was beyond stupid, but Devin is a whole lot crazy! He is OCD about things and won’t reuse his towel if someone else used it or if he doesn’t know if it has been touched by anyone else! He mentions his daughter every other second, which is nice to see and hear, but it gets a little too much at times! Anyway, it was his daughter’s birthday yesterday and Brittany had the nerve to be “mean to him” on her special day. She wants to talk about bed sheets and lotion on her special day?

It was bizarre, but it got Brittany emotional afterwards. Why? It seems like she is obsessed with Devin and thinking something is so bad about him. She is paranoid about him, but then she says that he reminds her of her ex-husband and now it all makes sense!

Other happenings: Frankie and Zach seem to have a legit F2 alliance. Caleb is beyond obsessed with Amber, even though she never pays attention to him. He wants to put a ring on it and move to be with her! I think when his HoH reign is done, we may see some creepy/crazy moments from him.

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